Focus Areas

The ANSA McAL Foundation’s focus areas encompass poverty alleviation, addressing gender imbalance and abuse of women and children, tackling illiteracy and educational shortcomings, promoting culture, fostering community and social development, supporting medical and charitable needs, and embracing multiple religious affiliations.

As far as possible the Donations Committee will work through:

Community Based Organisations (CBOs):

These will include organisations such as Village Councils, County Councils, Religious organisations, NGOs.

Such activity may involve for example, engage in undertaking repairs to a community centre, community homes for the aged or to outfitting a homework centre, or a soup kitchen or the procurement of playing ground equipment, etc and will favour donations in kind over cash donations. The Council/organisation/institution would have to meet the criterion of “helping themselves”.

Faith Based Organisations (FBOs):

These are places of worship of any organised religion.  This may include, restorative works to buildings including building but can be used to address poverty alleviation to the needy and destitute.

Educational Organisations:

Education is seen as a primary trigger of self-awareness and self-help. Assistance to schools and universities and other learning institutions in the establishment of libraries, science labs, music rooms and musical equipment for the teaching of music, literacy programmes, remedial programmes, teacher training, etc.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs):

Assistance will be given primarily to those established and registered NGOs looking after children, abused and disadvantaged women, the poor, the sick, the displaced and the elderly. All health related issues affecting these groups will be considered such as the procurement of life-saving equipment. Activities that promote a better quality of life will also be considered.

Cultural Development:

Cultural development is a key factor in nation building and community development. This is for the promotion of culture and excludes assistance to commercial entertainment ventures such as fetes. It will include theatre workshops, publishing of literary works, and all such works that fall, in addition, under visual, performing and plastic arts.

The Donations Review Committee is committed to considering requests from Trinidad & Tobago-based NGOs and other groups/individuals committed to the upliftment of community through culture, religion, health and social initiatives.

Empowering Communities

Our focus areas span multiple fields of interest:


Children’s Homes



Caribbean Excellence

In 2022, the foundation extended support to a variety of organizations and individuals, focusing on key areas such as Community Based Organizations, Education/Schools, and Medical/Health.

Community Based Organizations

St Dominic’s Children’s Home

Down Syndrome Family Network

Foundation for Human Development

Kids in Need of Direction (KIND)

Let’s Read

National Centre for Persons with Disabilities

RC Archbishop of Port of Spain

Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association

The Incorporated Trustees Trinity Cathedral

Trinidad & Tobago Association for the Hearing Impaired

Nicholas Cumberbatch

Dyslexia Association

Guardian Neediest Cases Fund

Lady Hochoy Vocational Centre

Living Water Community

New Life Ministries

Special Child Foundation

The Belmont Heritage (St Francis R C Church)

The Rose Foundation

Education / Schools


St Joseph’s Convent

Amazon Tablets (various schools)

National Association of Administrative Professionals

C.A.P. Foundation

Cause & Effect

St Ann’s/Cascade Motivational

University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)

Medical / Health

Danielle Dieffenthaller

George Gonzalez

Dirk Gibbes